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Ramadan information In English Start your Ramadhan guilt


My deepest love and

respects to you and

your beloved ones

on the advent of

Ramadhan. Like the

other 1.5 billion Muslims on this earth, I am

sure we cannot wait to start fasting daily

and enjoying the blessings of prayer and

Holy Quran in this month. Many positive

feelings overtake us this month:

excitement, happiness, anticipation of

blessings and reward, joy upon meeting

family and friends regularly and the delight

of amazing delicacies on the Iftar table!

However for many of us, it is the negative

emotions that predominate at the start of

this month: fear of yet another

unsuccessful Ramadhan, apprehension and

guilt. We start this month of Ramadhan

feeling guilty for being away from Allah

(SWT) for so long; for not having read Holy

Quran this year until now; of not having

prayed any Tahajjud prayer until now; of

not having fasting throughout the year -

except for now. This guilty feeling leads to

a lot of negativity in our approach to this

month and perhaps to the lack of optimism

in retrying those special attempts we had

made before to read the whole Quran or to

pray Tahajjud every night or some other

good deed in Ramadhan. In fact for so

many of us, guilt takes us away from Allah

(SWT) and makes us feel inferior and

sometimes cripples us to lesser levels of

aspiration and success. "What can this poor

slave of Allah (SWT) achieve anyway, when

he is so engrossed in sins having done so

many evil deeds?" For many - the thought

of what we have done in the past - cripples

us to what we can do in the future.

However, I would like to ask you all to

approach this Ramadhan guilt free! Free of

guilt of the past. Why worry about

something you can't change? It is not the

past that should worry us or bother us,

rather what could happen in the future.

The past is the past - we can't change the

sins we have done in the past - so to

constantly focus on that for the vast

majority of us - is far more crippling for the

future than anything else. The prophetic

guidance is to regret the past sins and

missed opportunities, whilst fearing the

future possible sins and being weary of

missing future opportunities.

It is as Ibnul-Qayyim said in Nooniyyah:"By

Allah, I don't fear my past sins, since I have

sincerely repented to Allah (SWT) and Allah

(SWT) loves to forgive. However, what I

truly fear is that in the future this heart of

mine will cease to rule by this Quran and

this revelation."

Remember that Allah is Al-Wadud - the

loving God - He is the one who loves you

more than your own parents! So

overpowering is Allah's mercy that it has

transcended His anger. So wide is His

Mercy that the Prophet Muhammad

Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam said: "If the

disbeliever knew of the extent of the Mercy

of Allah, then none would have despaired

of entering His Paradise!" [Reported by

Muslim] And plus, what past sins, when

your sincere repentance with Allah's Mercy

would have wiped it away and replaced it

with equivalent good deeds: "Except him

who repents and believes and does a good

deed; so these are they of whom Allah

changes the evil deeds to good ones; and

Allah is Forgiving, Merciful." [Al-Furqan


My friends, how do you dare to think that

Allah (SWT) does not love you? If He hated

you, why did He keep you alive till another

Ramadhan? If He hated you, why does he

provide for you even when you disobey

Him? If He did not love you, why is He

allowing you to taste the sweetness of

loving Him this month by fasting and

praying? If He didn't love you, why did He

keep you upon Islam?

So come back to Al-Wadud - your loving

Lord - the one who loves you more than

anything else. He is waiting for you and is

more happy with you remembering Him

than you can imagine. If you come to Him

today, He will rush to you. If you remember

Him, He will remember you. If you talk

about Him, He will talk about you to those

with Him. If you say sorry O Allah, He will

forgive you and turn them into good.

So start your Ramadhan guilt free and

enjoy a month of renewed emaan and

focus on the good that you can do this

month. Learn from the past mistakes, but

focus on the future! It is truly as the

Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wa

Sallam said: "Verily actions are judged by

their endings."

With all my love and prayer for your

success in this holy month of Ramadhan.

Dr. Tawfique Chowdhury

Ramadhan is the month of Holy Qur'an

Alhamdulillah, we

are truly blessed to

welcome Holy

Month of Ramadhan

2012, which is

another opportunity to invigorate our

spirits, strengthen our faith and pray forour

resolve during this month of mercy and

forgiveness. The Prophet Muhammad

Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam, in his sermon at

the approach of the Holy Month of

Ramadhan, has said: "And for the one who

spreads his kindness, Allah (SWT) will

spread His mercy over him on the Day of


This is the month of Allah (SWT), the month

of repentance, the month of fasting, the

month of charity, the month of

supplications and recommended prayers,

but on the top of all and according to Holy

Qur'an, this is the month of Qur'an.

Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (as) said:

"Everything has a spring and the spring of

Holy Quran is the month of Holy


Allah (SWT) has revealed this book to his

last and our beloved Prophet Muhammad

Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam as a clear sign of

guidance and judgment between right and

wrong. It is an irony that we Muslims even

after 1400 years are debating the method

of understanding this book while ignoring

a basic fact that the piety and purity of soul

is the pre-requisite to understand this

book. Though Arabic language skills and

qualified teachers also required but if we

look at the current Arab Governments it is

evident that they failed to distinguish

between right and wrong.

This is, perhaps, why we have the "Night of

Power (Lailatul Qadr)" after almost 20 days

of catharsis. The night of power, the most

precious one, comes every year in this

month of Ramadhan. This night is superior

to thousand months and the divine

revelation of the Holy Quran took place in

this night. It is recommended to search this

night every year so the purified souls can

be elevated to the domain of revelation to

comprehend the teachings of Holy Qur'an

and finally be able to differentiate between

right and wrong.

The attitude of indifference and idleness of

people around the world, particularly in

Muslims, will only be removed when they

will be able to differentiate between right

and wrong. That is why Ayatollah Ruhollah

Khomeini (RA) extended the idea of

purification and self-restraint in the month

of Ramadhan to include the International

Day of Al-Quds on the last Friday, because

only the purified and free souls can take

brave actions for the oppressed peopleof

the world.

It is customary among many peoples to set

New Year resolutions. The majority of

people lose their new found resolve,

however, within just a few months. This is

mainly because few of us know how to set

goals for our self-promises. Even less have

an action plan to achieve them.

The best time to set resolutions or renew

intentions for Muslims is not in Muharram

or January, but Ramadhan (R is for

Ramadhan and resolution), for Ramadhan is

divinely designed to be a month of

personal and communal change. No

surprise, then, that it is also the lunar

period in which Allah Almighty changed

the destiny of humankind by blessing them

with His final and universal Divine


The blessed month of Ramadhan offersa

unique opportunity and convenient time

for Tahajjud prayer, especially when the

time of commencing the fast is favorable.

Allah (SWT) gives abundant reward for all

our acts of worship during this blessed

month of Ramadhan, therefore, we need to

make special efforts to pray the Salatul Layl

and keep it up for the rest of the year to

raise our level of spirituality.

We urges all Muslims to refrain from

indulging in the moon sighting debates,

which only divide us further and instead,

we should all focus our energies towards

activities that unify the Muslim Ummah and

make us responsible and caring human

beings by:

. Purifying soul and understanding of the

Holy Qur'an

. Helping people in the Canadian community

and around the world who are suffering

from both man-made and natural disasters

. Raising voices against occupying Zionism

and colonial Imperialism to bring justice

and peace to this great world we all live in

May Allah accept all your good deeds in

this blessed month of Holy Ramadhan